GPS devices reliably accompany where it is most beautiful: on paths that nobody has felt before. On beautiful bike routes. On the hunt for the next geocach. In the GPS review, you’ll find a comparison of the best equipment in 2019. We’ll show you the most reliable outdoor guides and help you find exactly the right GPS device for you and your adventures.

The GPS Device Garmin Etrex Touch 35

250,000 geocaches are already preinstalled on the GPS device. New caches can be loaded directly onto the GPS without manual input of coordinates. And the eTrex Touch 35 also fulfills many wishes: 8 GB internal memory, barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, micro SD card slot.This device is good for ambitious treasure hunters who want a reliable companion while geocaching. But for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an all-rounder with touchscreen, the eTrex Touch 35 is a good choice too.

What Can The GPS Device Garmin Gpsmap 64 Do?

This robust professional GPS device has it all: an all-round talent with many features and a fair price / performance ratio. The highly sensitive quad-helix antenna also supports Glonass and ensures accurate and fast tracking. 4GB internal memory and additional SD slot provide plenty of space. The display has a good resolution, with which you can easily read your route even in direct sunlight. With the buttons you can easily operate the outdoor navigation system with gloves, in the rain or on bumpy roads. And with the TracBack feature, you’ll be back home anytime. Our clear test winner and reference GPS, when it comes to tracking accuracy!

Garmin Edge GPS Bike Computer

In the GPS test, the Garmin Edge convinces as a reliable and precise bike computer. With the round-trip feature, you can simply enter how far you want to drive and the GPS unit calculates up to 3 matching tours. For professional cyclists, the Edge offers all imaginable training supports. In addition to the standard equipment , the bike companion has other great extras such as; an ambient light sensor and training analysis. The Edge  is for all ambitious cyclists and those who want to become one. The bike GPS offers massive features and is as suitable for racing cyclists as well as for mountain bikers, touring and recreational cyclists.

Drones with cameras give you a whole new perspective on the world that surrounds you. So that you do not lose track of the offers on the ever-growing drone market, we give you in this drone comparison a buying guide so that you will always find the optimal quadrocopter for your needs.

DJI Mavic Pro

The first quadrocopter, which we are taking a close look at in the big drone comparison is the Mavic Pro of the Chinese company DJI , which specializes in the production of quadcopter and especially in the advanced range our comparison clearly dominated. If you want a high-quality drone for hobby use, you just cannot get past DJI at the moment. The Mavic Pro drone is pretty light for its size, weighing just over 700g, yet still powerful with its 24 high-performance processors.

Parrot Bebop 2

In addition to DJI, the French company Parrot is one of the pioneers in terms of drones and quadcopter and is also represented in the big drone comparison with the Bebop 2 FPV drone. The Bebop 2 drone is very sturdy and compact and one of the few recreational drones that weighs less than 500g and yet is very reliable. Of the technical data that must always be visible for each product, especially the maximum flight time of 25 minutes is worth mentioning, which is definitely not self-evident for a model in this somewhat cheaper price range.

UPair One Drone

UPair One Quadrocopter drone with camera, which visually looks very similar to the Phantom 3 series from DJI. It even goes so far that the propellers of the UPair fit on DJI drones. But back to UPair One: No registration or app download is needed to get the drone up and running, which is a clear advantage over the DJI models. The connection between the remote control and the drone is made automatically, which ensures that the quadrocopter is stable in the air after a short time.

Before buying a laptop, most people wonder which model meets their needs and whether a Macbook is worthwhile. We answer this question in this practical tip.

There Are Many Reasons For A Macbook

This includes its operation, reliability and safety;

Operation: The operation of a Mac is designed uniformly and thus very intuitive. This contrasts with the often confusing Windows, where there are for example two system settings whose functions overlap.

Security: Due to the low market share of Macs, hackers and programmers of viruses often devote themselves to the market leader Windows. In addition, Apple looks after the exemplary closing of security vulnerabilities.

Reliability: There are crashes on a Mac too. However, the system as a whole is more stable than competing systems. That’s because Apple makes software and hardware on a MacBook and can tune it to each other. Windows on Mac: Even on a Mac, you can install Windows or Linux using a virtualization tool. Conversely, this is not possible.

Of Course, There Are Valid Reasons To Buy Another Laptop

Price: MacBooks are basically expensive. For the latest generation of MacBooks you have to pay at least 1000 euros with Apple. A Windows laptop with comparable hardware would be much cheaper.

Software selection: Software is mostly developed primarily for the market leader Windows. There are also significantly more hobby developers for Windows. Almost all major programs are available on Mac, but some niche programs are only available for Windows.

Versatility: Apple does not have many MacBooks on offer. They are limited to the expiring Air models, the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Apple does not cover all target groups by far.

Games: If you regularly play challenging games, a MacBook is the wrong choice. On the Mac, the choice is lower and the performance is weaker than on equally expensive Windows laptops.

The MP3 players offer many opportunities and are in line with the trend, and can often prevail against smartphones and co. Today’s MP3 players have, so to speak, replaced the CD players and the Walkman devices, which were popular a number of years ago. However, the small, handy media players today are not only responsible for playing music, but they can do much more. Photos and videos can also be played on the portable player.

Sony Mp3 For A Better Sound 

This Sony MP3 player is a high resolution walkman with all sorts of features. The design and above all the technology of the MP3 player promise a perfect music enjoyment. The 3.1-inch touch screen monitor lets you intuitively operate the player for studio-quality sound. According to Sony, this high-resolution audio player has a better sound than music from the CD.

Victure MP3 Player With Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

This MP3 player from Victure is a Bluetooth playback device. The dimensions make this portable music player an excellent companion for on the go. Due to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the low power consumption, the mini player offers a music enjoyment of up to 30 hours. The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect the player to a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth headset, reducing the playback time to about 8 hours.

Small But Beautiful 

The Bertronic Royal BC05 MP3 player gives you 15 hours of playback. The portable audio player is available in different colors, so you always have a good picture. The clip on the back allows you to attach the MP3 player to your garments. Especially as a companion for sports activities, this audio player is a great way to listen to music. However, the MP3 player has no internal memory, but can be expanded with a micro SD card. The charging time is about 1 hour.

The Microsoft launcher, the Android interface has evolved from a small project to a mass phenomenon. According to the news, the launcher is supplied regularly with  updates. Currently here are the innovations;

The later renamed to the simple Microsoft Launcher app spread rapidly and gained many followers.  Now the version with the number 5.6 has been released as beta and again there are several useful innovations on board.

Optical And Functional Innovations

Currently the adaptive icons in the changelog are mentioned again. If you find that familiar from Launcher version 5.5, you should not be surprised, because the support of uniform icon shapes was actually planned for the version released for the first time in mid-May, but was not finalized. Now it should work  definitely.

Completely new, however, is the improved support for Microsoft teams. Meetings can now be joined via the feed calendar. Mails that have a flag (Microsoft account or work / school accounts) are now displayed in the task card, which is also a useful fine-tuning.

Finally, the settings of the Microsoft launcher have been revised or optimized, the provider wants you to find what you are looking for or want to discover.

The absolute highlight in the current version 5 is the integration of the Cortana version. If you are missing language packs, they will be downloaded immediately and Cortana is ready for use.

As before, the feed page is the central element of the Microsoft Launcher. Once you have downloaded and started the launcher, you only have to swipe left once to view this page.

Above All, The Timeline Element Offers Many Possibilities

If you are logged in to the launcher with your Microsoft account, your PC and smartphone activities will be synchronized with each other. For example, if you’re using Edge on the PC, your page views will now appear on your Android device. This feature is ideal if you use Office apps on your smartphone, because the documents that were recently opened are also synchronized and can be further processed in this way on the go.

The Samsung Gear S3 has fallen sharply since its launch. Currently there is the smartwatch in the frontier version on eBay at the lowest price so far. The offer is only valid for a short time.

Overall, the price of Gear S3 has remained relatively stable over many months. In recent weeks, the price has dropped significantly through various actions. It is quite possible that the retailers are slowly but surely selling off the Gear S3, as the new Galaxy Watch is already available.

What Makes The Samsung Gear S3 So Special?

First and foremost through the operating system. Samsung relies on Tizen and thus has full control over the software and hardware. This is otherwise known only from the Apple Watch. Samsung develops the processor and the software and thus has the opportunity to implement their own ideas. Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) relies on Google. If there are no new features introduced, manufacturers like Huawei or LG have no way to bring a new watch to market. So Samsung chose the right way.

The Further Price Trend Of The Samsung Gear S3

With the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the price of the Gear S3 will continue to decline in the future. But that does not matter, because Samsung makes every effort to keep the software of the smartwatches up to date. Recently, for example, Samsung has released a comprehensive update for the Gear S2 and has brought the older timepiece up to date. Who currently buys the Gear S3, makes hardly anything wrong.

The current best price for the Gear S3 frontier is 175 euros, a good price for the smartwatch, where you can confidently access. However, you should still be patient when purchasing the Gear S3 Classic. Currently, the price is 250 euros, regularly you get the smartwatch, however, already for 200 euros and thus 50 euros cheaper.

Officially, the Mate X will be available mid-2019 for the price of € 2,300. The specifications of the phone have been known for some time. In addition to the biggest feature, the folding function, it will also be Huawei’s first 5G smartphone.

The company spokesman confirmed that the foldable Huawei smartphone will continue to come with Android as the operating system on the market, as it was already presented in February and thus before the separation from Google. However, it is still in negotiations, which Google Apps are already installed on the Mate X factory. Because the transition period by Google is only valid until mid-August.

The Mate X Flap Display

The Mate X can be opened. If you press the small silver button, which is in the middle of the handle, a soft click sounds and the smartphone opens its wings like a butterfly. But they are in contrast to the colorful butterflies – not symmetrical. The handle ensures that one side of the display is a bit narrower. In the unfolded state but does not bother.

Brilliant, Sharp And Scalable

Before unfolding the Mate X, the smartphone has two displays. The main screen measures 6.6 inches and dissolves at 2,480 x 1,148 pixels. The display on the back is slightly smaller: 6.38 inches in the diagonal provide space for 2,480 x 892 pixels. The Mate X recognizes which of the two faces is facing the face and turns on the corresponding display. So you do not necessarily open the smartphone, for example, to write a message.

Although the foldable screen is undoubtedly the highlight of the Huawei Mate X, the folder offers more than that. Three cameras with different focal lengths (normal, wide-angle and telephoto), 5G and two batteries giving a total capacity of 4,500 mAh are also included to the equipment features. In addition, the Mate X, if you connect it to the charger, charged with 55 watts. This means: the battery will charge from 0 to 85 percent within half an hour.

The Chinese Huawei Group wants under the massive pressure of US sanctions to have its own operating system by the next spring at the latest ready. The software will run on smartphones, computers and tablets, but also on televisions, in cars and portable devices. In addition, it will be compatible with Android apps, announced the head of Huawei consumer division.

The Chinese Huawei Group wants to quickly complete its own operating system after the US sanctions. As a date for the start called a Huawei manager spring 2020 at the latest or perhaps in the fall of this year. The US had banned some of Huawei’s business, and Google had announced that it would restrict Huawei’s access to the Android operating system.

It Is Possible That The Software Will Be Ready In The Fall

According to this, the currently second largest smartphone manufacturer since 2012 working on the development of its own operating system. Since it is known that the US government wants to massively restrict the business of US companies such as Google with the Chinese group, the project has, however, gained much urgency.

The Period

For users of Huawei smartphones, the 90-day period means, among other things, that Google will continue to supply its phones with updates and apps in the next three months. However, the easing does not apply to the use of US technology in new products. The US has put Huawei on a blacklist of companies whose business relationships with US partners are subject to strict controls. Anyone who wants to sell or transfer US technology to Huawei has to acquire a license.

However, this can be denied if security concerns are touched. Huawei is suspected by US authorities of using its entrepreneurial activity to espionage for China. Evidence has not yet been made public. The US is also pushing other western countries, such as Germany, to keep Huawei off the nets for the future superfast 5G cellular standard. Huawei always rejected the US allegations.

New HP metal printers should massively increase productivity in the industry. The printer manufacturer HP launches the production of metal parts in large series with its “Metal Jet” printers. The presses presented the IMTS manufacturing fair. It will produce fifty times faster than competing models and be even more reliable.

3D Metal Printing Could Play An Important Role In The Production Of Electric Cars

In initially rather small series of e-vehicles, conventional production methods often involve high upfront costs, for example for the creation of tools or molds. That drives up the unit costs. In 3D printing, however, the costs are the same from the first piece. Manufacturing by 3D printing is called additive, because the workpieces are built up in layers, which are added one after the other and connected.

HP is already active in the mass production of plastic parts and is now entering the metal-working market. So far, due to its high cost and slow speed, 3D metal printing is only used for high value added small series such as turbines. HP promises competitive costs for runs of thousands of units.

In addition, the 3D machines derived from the “Laser Jet” paper printers are designed to enable faster printing through more printheads. The quality should also be high thanks to redundant pressure nozzles. For example, clogged nozzles should not fail the workpieces.

HP Also Targets Smaller Companies

HP wants to assert 3D metal printing in the broad market as quickly as possible and is therefore planning to launch the Metal Jet Production in the first half of 2019.Businesses can then upload the designs of their workpieces to HP: specialists then check to see if the parts can be manufactured or modified. Thereafter, the orders are passed on to the customer’s wishes to order producers.

The range of notebooks is rich. In the price range up to 1,000 euros, there is currently everything your heart desires. Form the slim ultrabook over versatile convertibles to classic laptops without a lot of bells and whistles. But who is actually suitable for which model? How should a 1,000 euro notebook be equipped? Do only expensive devices offer a high speed and a long battery life? This large test of current Windows 10 laptops in the price range of 1,000 euros provides answers and explains what really matters when buying.

Unity In The Resolution

The differences in the displays are more dramatic, even if the data does not suggest it at first. The reveal that most of the notebooks feature full-HD movies, vacation photos and web pages with 1920×1080 pixels. Sure: With the smaller 13.3-inch notebooks , the approximately two million pixels are naturally much closer together than 15.6-inch notebooks . The result: a slightly higher image sharpness. In practice, this is hardly significant. The tested 15.6 incher also show detailed and sharp content. But a sharp display does not make a perfect picture, as the test showed. The biggest criticism: Many candidates  take it in the color representation anything but accurate.

Great Expectations

For the photo editing is not only the pace important. To make sure that it does not hook, the notebook should have a lot of steam – especially if in addition to Photoshop Elements other programs and websites are open. But what hardware can notebook buyers expect depending on their price range? Up to 1,000 euros: A 500-gigabyte SSD must also be with 1,000 euro notebooks on board, but also a hard drive with about 1,000 gigabytes of memory. In addition, buyers can expect a separate graphics chip, with which simple games can be played .As in the case of the Acer Swift 3 or MSI Prestige PS42.

Great Speed Differences

 The expensive notebooks put themselves in the tempo tests at the top of the test field. For simple office and Internet tasks, the differences were still manageable – they are usually barely noticeable in everyday life. When it comes down to it, the balance of power becomes clearer. Cutting out boring scenes from a video clip and then converting it to a new movie takes the HP Envy X360 2019 around half the time of the Huawei MateBook for example.

Almost Nine Hours Of Battery Life

The advantage of the Pentium CPU in the Trekstor: It is content with comparatively little energy, so a battery charge in the test was sufficient to work for four hours without a socket. Acer’s Swift 3 proves that even lumbering laptops can really handle energy with a mischievous amount of energy: when working, the lights only turned off after seven hours and the video playback took almost nine hours. That was enough to watch a few 90 minute films without a stop at the socket. Great for a notebook in this performance class.