The Right Time To Buy The Samsung Gear S3

The Samsung Gear S3 has fallen sharply since its launch. Currently there is the smartwatch in the frontier version on eBay at the lowest price so far. The offer is only valid for a short time.

Overall, the price of Gear S3 has remained relatively stable over many months. In recent weeks, the price has dropped significantly through various actions. It is quite possible that the retailers are slowly but surely selling off the Gear S3, as the new Galaxy Watch is already available.

What Makes The Samsung Gear S3 So Special?

First and foremost through the operating system. Samsung relies on Tizen and thus has full control over the software and hardware. This is otherwise known only from the Apple Watch. Samsung develops the processor and the software and thus has the opportunity to implement their own ideas. Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) relies on Google. If there are no new features introduced, manufacturers like Huawei or LG have no way to bring a new watch to market. So Samsung chose the right way.

The Further Price Trend Of The Samsung Gear S3

With the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the price of the Gear S3 will continue to decline in the future. But that does not matter, because Samsung makes every effort to keep the software of the smartwatches up to date. Recently, for example, Samsung has released a comprehensive update for the Gear S2 and has brought the older timepiece up to date. Who currently buys the Gear S3, makes hardly anything wrong.

The current best price for the Gear S3 frontier is 175 euros, a good price for the smartwatch, where you can confidently access. However, you should still be patient when purchasing the Gear S3 Classic. Currently, the price is 250 euros, regularly you get the smartwatch, however, already for 200 euros and thus 50 euros cheaper.

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