Mp3 Player Guide That Offers Music Enjoyment

The MP3 players offer many opportunities and are in line with the trend, and can often prevail against smartphones and co. Today’s MP3 players have, so to speak, replaced the CD players and the Walkman devices, which were popular a number of years ago. However, the small, handy media players today are not only responsible for playing music, but they can do much more. Photos and videos can also be played on the portable player.

Sony Mp3 For A Better Sound 

This Sony MP3 player is a high resolution walkman with all sorts of features. The design and above all the technology of the MP3 player promise a perfect music enjoyment. The 3.1-inch touch screen monitor lets you intuitively operate the player for studio-quality sound. According to Sony, this high-resolution audio player has a better sound than music from the CD.

Victure MP3 Player With Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

This MP3 player from Victure is a Bluetooth playback device. The dimensions make this portable music player an excellent companion for on the go. Due to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and the low power consumption, the mini player offers a music enjoyment of up to 30 hours. The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect the player to a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth headset, reducing the playback time to about 8 hours.

Small But Beautiful 

The Bertronic Royal BC05 MP3 player gives you 15 hours of playback. The portable audio player is available in different colors, so you always have a good picture. The clip on the back allows you to attach the MP3 player to your garments. Especially as a companion for sports activities, this audio player is a great way to listen to music. However, the MP3 player has no internal memory, but can be expanded with a micro SD card. The charging time is about 1 hour.

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