Is It Worth To Buy A Macbook? Pros And Cons

Before buying a laptop, most people wonder which model meets their needs and whether a Macbook is worthwhile. We answer this question in this practical tip.

There Are Many Reasons For A Macbook

This includes its operation, reliability and safety;

Operation: The operation of a Mac is designed uniformly and thus very intuitive. This contrasts with the often confusing Windows, where there are for example two system settings whose functions overlap.

Security: Due to the low market share of Macs, hackers and programmers of viruses often devote themselves to the market leader Windows. In addition, Apple looks after the exemplary closing of security vulnerabilities.

Reliability: There are crashes on a Mac too. However, the system as a whole is more stable than competing systems. That’s because Apple makes software and hardware on a MacBook and can tune it to each other. Windows on Mac: Even on a Mac, you can install Windows or Linux using a virtualization tool. Conversely, this is not possible.

Of Course, There Are Valid Reasons To Buy Another Laptop

Price: MacBooks are basically expensive. For the latest generation of MacBooks you have to pay at least 1000 euros with Apple. A Windows laptop with comparable hardware would be much cheaper.

Software selection: Software is mostly developed primarily for the market leader Windows. There are also significantly more hobby developers for Windows. Almost all major programs are available on Mac, but some niche programs are only available for Windows.

Versatility: Apple does not have many MacBooks on offer. They are limited to the expiring Air models, the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Apple does not cover all target groups by far.

Games: If you regularly play challenging games, a MacBook is the wrong choice. On the Mac, the choice is lower and the performance is weaker than on equally expensive Windows laptops.

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