Children who are born with a deformation of the ear can hope. A technique developed by researchers from Queensland University in Australia could help to print ear prostheses in 3D. The reasons for this are obvious: a high degree of precision, smooth and perfectly matched shapes as well as a wide range of colors.

In addition, there is a constant improvement and further development of 3D printers and their materials. Technology lets now produce long-lasting, reliable and thin-walled electronics housing shells.

In 2 Phases To The New Ear

The project is designed in two phases. In a first phase, a cosmetic solution is used transitionally: A 3D ear prosthesis made of medical grade silicone, which is attached magnetically or with surgical adhesive. As a long-term solution, the researchers then want to produce an ear that consists of cells of the child. The organ is to be grown in a bioreactor and then surgically implanted into the child using appropriate hearing technology. Within the next 1-2 years, the 3D printed ear prosthesis should be available.

3D Prosthesis From Ear Cartilage

A child was born on the basis of a congenital, so-called microtia with only one ear. The technique is now to print a 3D prosthesis that corresponds to a natural ear cartilage. If the 3D printer is successful, it could also be used to print other parts of the body. The technology is promising. According to the Queensland University of Technology, researchers are leading the field. Professors say: Nobody has ever printed a 3D prosthesis before. And it will cost the public less than a few new lenses.

In total, the range includes more than 15 biomedically approved materials in different skin tones, different shades and transparent. The process delivers high-quality parts from custom-made materials, from individual earmoulds to trays with integrated faceplates.

Rich Communication Services should replace SMS as the default for mobile messages. But for a long time, the technology was only a niche existence. Some mobile service providers have developed apps for RCS communication, such as Telekom Message. But these have now been discontinued. One of the reasons for this was that so far a corresponding mobile phone as well as mobile service providers supporting the RCS standard had to be used for the usage. Because as well as SMS RCS messages are to be handled via the operator of the mobile network. If this did not support this or you did not have a cell phone that controlled RCS, it does not work anymore. However, Google now announced itself an RCS support for their Messages app. With the “chat” baptized functions RCS is now independent of the provider usable and could thus perhaps finally prevail.

The Better SMS

“Chat” offers the same functions that are also found in modern messaging services such as Whatsapp or Viber. Among other things, RCS supports group messaging, video calling and the transmission of data such as pictures or the location. There is only one big catch: So far an end-to-end encryption is missing. This means that news about RCS can be read by the provider, in this case Google. Google is aware of this problem and promises to find a solution. In the meantime, so the corporation, they would delete the messages immediately after resending from their servers.

Opt-In Will Be Used In The Future To Use Chat

 In addition, users are asked in the Messages app, if they want to switch to RCS. From this confirmed, will now be displayed on “Chat”, whether another user also uses RCS. The feature is available on almost any modern Android smartphone as it supports the RCS standard. The plan is to make “chat” available to all Android users to create a unified communications platform, and Apple has a similar service available on iMessage – from iPhone to Mac Pro – on all devices. Google was the first to launch chat  in UK, but has not yet announced a timetable for other countries.

Google has released a new version of the Google Camera app. In version 6.3, Google has now moved the night vision mode directly to the main interface of the app. Instead of “Panorama”, you can now access one of the best camera features of pixel phones much faster after launching the app, because night vision is no longer hidden in the “More” tab. However, the camera app will continue to suggest using this mode if the scenes are too dark for the standard modes. In the new version 6.3 you will find the night vision mode for low light conditions now only a tap or two swipes removed to the right after you have launched the app.

Notes On Mcfly Mode

The next big change is the elimination of color temperature control. Since most users have maintained the automatic white balance in the past, probably only a few professionals would be bothered. As Google has already reported, the code in this app version has also found clues to a new camera mode called “McFly.” It could be between the obvious back to the future reference and the mentions of “rewind.” A mode that can record video intended for reverse playback. The “McFly” mode is most likely just a code, but not a final name.

Google Camera 6.3 Download

Where do you get this new version of the app from? The Playstore Google Camera 6.3 will probably be available in the next few weeks and will also be delivered with Android 10 Q (beta). If you do not want to wait that long, you can download the 160 MB APK and manually install it on an Android 10 Q (Beta) system.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the familiar shopping experience – making it more personal and efficient. From Sephora to other markets: We showcase retail applications that use artificial intelligence to help their customers make purchases.

Apps are one of the most important interfaces between brands, retailers and their potential customers. Here artificial intelligence can be used to personalize communication so that it becomes relevant to the consumer. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also sales.

Style Advice By Whatsapp 

 Shopping trades offer an individual style consultation for free via WhatsApp Messenger. In one  study “Mobile Apps in Retail”, the process is described as: “The customer can, for example, send their photo via WhatsApp, after which the stylist can give individual tips or send a product suggestion by photo. While the customer benefits from a personal consultation, this allows the dealer to collect important customer information and tailor the customer approach in the future even more individually. This personalized advice is complemented by the machine learning-based fashion companion.

Mobile Self-Scanning At Supermarkets 

So far, mobile self-scanning has been sporadic in many countries. For example, at some dealerships, customers can use the app to scan the products with their own smartphone and store them in their shopping bags. At the end of the purchase, the app generates a QR code, which the customer scans for payment at the self-service checkout. The construction and leisure markets have their customers using App “Sellfio”, a digital customer card with Scan & Go function, scan their desired items via mobile phone camera and pay at Express cash.

Amazon Go Concept: Nothing For Big Supermarkets

Amazon goes one step further. When entering the experimental market Amazon Go, the customer only has to log in with his smartphone for a short time, then he can pack what he wants and just leave the store. Sensors and cameras capture what the customer touches, takes along, covers. If the store is abandoned, the Amazon account will be charged accordingly. The example of Amazon Go is simply impractical: Amazon Go is much smaller than the usual supermarkets, rather aimed at young singles than large families, after all, the technology is available exclusively.

If you have to do a lot, you often lose track of things. Good that there are Android apps to help you with the coordination. Who wants to use not only the basic functions of such applications, can now secure for a short time for free and save 3 euros.

To Do Reminder Pro Fulfills The Basic Tasks Of Every App

So you can be reminded of tasks. But that does not just work with a text, but also with a photo. I particularly appreciate this feature. No matter if I want to buy a certain product, take a picture or remember something else – a photo often helps a lot. Furthermore, the Android app has a widget, so you can look at the tasks directly on the homescreen without having to always open the application. Very useful are also the backup function and the possibilities to share tasks. So if you often do tasks with friends or family, then we recommend the app and use it together.

To Do Reminder Pro: What Is The Android App?

To do Reminder Pro has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on the Google Play Store and has received 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 1,500 reviews. The reviews are very positive overall. Especially the simple design and the simple operation are positively mentioned. There is criticism for the range of functions. Some users do not see any added value in the app.

In these and many other cases, To do reminder pro app can guarantee that nothing escapes in the stressful everyday life. The mere knowledge that the app reminds you of all important appointments and tasks in a self-contained and timely manner lets the user tackle a packed, everyday life more relaxed.

This Makes Everyday Life Easier To Structure;

Enter all appointments, tasks and routines centrally in one place. Be notified in good time of all tasks and appointments via push notification on the mobile phone display. Recall daily tasks – for example, the intake of important drugs.

As soon as AMD’s new Navi graphics cards are on the market, the prices of Vega cards are descent. Two particularly powerful custom models of the Radeon RX Vega 64 are currently available at real top prices at Mindfactory. We clarify for whom the offers are really worthwhile.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64: For Whom Is The Purchase Worthwhile?

The Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro belongs to one of the best custom models of the graphics chip from AMD and can easily record it with the Strix version of Asus. The old models of the Strix version of Asus sometimes suffer from poor cooling of the VRMs, which has a negative effect on the performance of the GPUs. Although these limitations should be a thing of the past with the new revision of the Asus cards, as a customer you can often not be sure whether to get a new or an old card.

With targeted undervolting and light overclocking, you can reduce the hunger for power in the high-end graphics card while tickling a few percentage points of extra power out of the chip. Compared to the cheaper little version, the Radeon RX Vega 56, the Vega 64 offers on average about 10-15 percent more performance when playing. The RX Vega 56 offers the better price-performance ratio. If the performance of the bargain king in the WQHD area is not quite sufficient, you can confidently choose the custom model of the Vega 64 from the Mindstar. Again, there is massive performance for a small price.

If that is still too expensive, we suggest the offers on Ebay. Here you get the Asus Radeon RX Vega 64 ROG Strix for just about 325 Euro – so cheap was the graphics card so far never. In order to get the offer price, you have to enter the coupon code price  OPT7 at the checkout. This provides for a discount of another 7-8 percent. The technical data of both graphics cards in comparison and more information can be found on the website.

Ruins of ancient cities, monuments of lost civilizations can be resurrected thanks to new augmented reality technologies. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Thanks to this system, divers can determine their position underwater. Normally this is not possible because GPS signals do not work underwater.

Safely stowed in a waterproof case, the tablet receives acoustic signals from cylindrical underwater transmitters. These are received by an app, it determines the position on the map and guides the diver to interesting places – like this mosaic floor of a Roman villa.

Research Project Resurrects Ancient Villas

The app, which was developed as part of the European research project , creates a 3D villa on the screen. In this way, the diver can explore the ancient ruins.

3D Technology Provides Immersive Experience

In the archaeological museum we can try out this 3D technology on dry land. A stereo headset puts the visitor in a virtual world. Now it is possible to admire the villas in their past beauty or switch to the present and take a virtual dive without getting wet. Soon, this technology will also be available in museums, schools or at home.

Efficient Teaching Through VR Technologies

Not only does VR technology make the historical legacy known, it also provides researchers with a professional simult gate that demonstrates suitable excavation techniques at archaeological underwater sites.

Not only does this technology want to inform the public, but also to create a tool for future archaeologists and museum curators to help them learn faster, easier and in a controlled environment. It would be very difficult to take someone directly to an underwater site. This makes the training very efficient.

While diving you can admire the once luxurious villas. To make your dive even more exciting, you can bring your tablet in the near future.

Traditionally, ducks have been used on Japanese paddy fields to support plant growth. Because the animals brought some advantages. First, they ate unwanted insects. Meanwhile, the use of ducks in Japan is no longer widespread. However, an engineer has now developed a technical solution that follows a similar approach. The little robot therefore also bears the name Aigamo – which can be translated roughly as a duck.

During use, the device is somewhat reminiscent of a worn-out vacuum cleaner robot. Using the GPS signal and a Wi-Fi connection, the artificial duck navigates autonomously through the rice fields. The energy required for this is gained through a solar module. The trick is that there are two small rotating rollers on the bottom of the robot. These ensure on the one hand for the drive of the artificial duck. On the other hand, they also whirl up the water, whereby the desired effect is achieved and no weeds can establish more.

The Japanese Rice Farmers Hardly Find Any More Workers

The group has not yet indicated that it wants to market the paddy field robot itself. This supports the idea of ​​the employee but massively and has also posted a video of the invention on Youtube. But the main focus was on the Japanese public. Because the picture and sound material is not provided with English subtitles. Basically there is a need for helpful robots in Japanese rice farmers. Because the population of the country is getting older, so it is increasingly difficult to win people for the cultivation of rice. It does not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with this issue: even farmers in Europe are struggling with similar problems with strawberries and asparagus. Therefore, robots have already been developed here, which are to take over part of the work.

Polar, the specialist in the field of heart rate measurement, and sports wearables present the new Polar OH1. The versatile pulse sensor can be worn on the lower or upper arm, records with the integrated memory up to 200 hours of training and offers a battery life of up to twelve hours.

The Advantages According To The Manufacturer


The OH1 is equipped with Polar’s patented solution for precise optical pulse measurement. 


For those who do not want to or cannot wear a chest strap or product on the wrist, the Polar OH1 offers the possibility of measuring the pulse on the lower or upper arm. 


The OH1 can be used as a pulse sensor and send the pulse in real time to compatible Polar and Bluetooth devices. Also to the Polar Beat App or third-party fitness apps.

The Free Fitness And Training App From Polar 

the user receives pulse data in real time and smart training instructions. The training sessions can also be transferred and viewed in the polar flow app.

Polar OH1 offers a promising alternative to heart rate monitoring with a chest strap or wrist. We know that comfort and accuracy are the driving forces behind high performance; both of which were critical to the development of OH1 .Whether in the gym or outdoors, it does not matter which sport you do, the OH1 is reliable and delivers accurate and stable data in a remarkably comfortable form.

As Polar announces this year an update, it ensures that the OH1 now controls not only Bluetooth but also ANT +. Thus, one can simultaneously transfer his heart rate in real time to various devices. In addition, there is a new sales package, which also includes a mounting clamp for swimming goggles. While swimming, you attach the Polar OH1 with the clamp on the goggles and can measure his heart rate on the temple. In addition, the OH1 can now also be used with the Polar Beat Mobile App.

The market for gaming hardware has been on a growth path for years. Computer games are now a mass phenomenon. Millions of people regularly resort to gamepad, mouse and keyboard to experience adventures in virtual worlds. This emerges from the annual report of the games industry 2019. In terms of sales alone, the computer games industry has long since overtaken the cinema and music industry.

The Big Crowd Increases

Especially in recent years, the willingness of consumers to invest money in optional gaming hardware has greatly increased. The range of corresponding components has also increased significantly. In contrast to just a few years ago, it is hardly possible to find a gender difference in gamers today. In this regard, the female sex has long since made the connection. Also, gaming has become mainstream, in addition to computers and consoles, smartphones and tablets are often used to immerse themselves in virtual game worlds.

E-Sports As A Major Event

For some time, the field of e-sports has become mass compatible. Major events regularly attract thousands of spectators to sold-out halls, and successful players have long enjoyed star status. This shift in focus from entertainment to performance has once again given the hardware market a significant boost. Especially in the field of e-sports, players often invest a fortune in their hardware. Professional gaming mice and keyboards are often located in the three-digit range. In contrast to regular input devices, professional variants are much more precise, robust and usually have special functions. The hardware determines to a not to be underestimated share the chances of success of the players. Especially with fast games, where responsiveness is important, both the choice of mouse and keyboard can make the difference.