What To Expect From A 2019 Model Notebook That Costs Around 1,000 Euros?

The range of notebooks is rich. In the price range up to 1,000 euros, there is currently everything your heart desires. Form the slim ultrabook over versatile convertibles to classic laptops without a lot of bells and whistles. But who is actually suitable for which model? How should a 1,000 euro notebook be equipped? Do only expensive devices offer a high speed and a long battery life? This large test of current Windows 10 laptops in the price range of 1,000 euros provides answers and explains what really matters when buying.

Unity In The Resolution

The differences in the displays are more dramatic, even if the data does not suggest it at first. The reveal that most of the notebooks feature full-HD movies, vacation photos and web pages with 1920×1080 pixels. Sure: With the smaller 13.3-inch notebooks , the approximately two million pixels are naturally much closer together than 15.6-inch notebooks . The result: a slightly higher image sharpness. In practice, this is hardly significant. The tested 15.6 incher also show detailed and sharp content. But a sharp display does not make a perfect picture, as the test showed. The biggest criticism: Many candidates  take it in the color representation anything but accurate.

Great Expectations

For the photo editing is not only the pace important. To make sure that it does not hook, the notebook should have a lot of steam – especially if in addition to Photoshop Elements other programs and websites are open. But what hardware can notebook buyers expect depending on their price range? Up to 1,000 euros: A 500-gigabyte SSD must also be with 1,000 euro notebooks on board, but also a hard drive with about 1,000 gigabytes of memory. In addition, buyers can expect a separate graphics chip, with which simple games can be played .As in the case of the Acer Swift 3 or MSI Prestige PS42.

Great Speed Differences

 The expensive notebooks put themselves in the tempo tests at the top of the test field. For simple office and Internet tasks, the differences were still manageable – they are usually barely noticeable in everyday life. When it comes down to it, the balance of power becomes clearer. Cutting out boring scenes from a video clip and then converting it to a new movie takes the HP Envy X360 2019 around half the time of the Huawei MateBook for example.

Almost Nine Hours Of Battery Life

The advantage of the Pentium CPU in the Trekstor: It is content with comparatively little energy, so a battery charge in the test was sufficient to work for four hours without a socket. Acer’s Swift 3 proves that even lumbering laptops can really handle energy with a mischievous amount of energy: when working, the lights only turned off after seven hours and the video playback took almost nine hours. That was enough to watch a few 90 minute films without a stop at the socket. Great for a notebook in this performance class.

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