The Message Service Of Google Is To Receive Soon RSC Function

Rich Communication Services should replace SMS as the default for mobile messages. But for a long time, the technology was only a niche existence. Some mobile service providers have developed apps for RCS communication, such as Telekom Message. But these have now been discontinued. One of the reasons for this was that so far a corresponding mobile phone as well as mobile service providers supporting the RCS standard had to be used for the usage. Because as well as SMS RCS messages are to be handled via the operator of the mobile network. If this did not support this or you did not have a cell phone that controlled RCS, it does not work anymore. However, Google now announced itself an RCS support for their Messages app. With the “chat” baptized functions RCS is now independent of the provider usable and could thus perhaps finally prevail.

The Better SMS

“Chat” offers the same functions that are also found in modern messaging services such as Whatsapp or Viber. Among other things, RCS supports group messaging, video calling and the transmission of data such as pictures or the location. There is only one big catch: So far an end-to-end encryption is missing. This means that news about RCS can be read by the provider, in this case Google. Google is aware of this problem and promises to find a solution. In the meantime, so the corporation, they would delete the messages immediately after resending from their servers.

Opt-In Will Be Used In The Future To Use Chat

 In addition, users are asked in the Messages app, if they want to switch to RCS. From this confirmed, will now be displayed on “Chat”, whether another user also uses RCS. The feature is available on almost any modern Android smartphone as it supports the RCS standard. The plan is to make “chat” available to all Android users to create a unified communications platform, and Apple has a similar service available on iMessage – from iPhone to Mac Pro – on all devices. Google was the first to launch chat  in UK, but has not yet announced a timetable for other countries.

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