New Highlights Of Microsoft Launcher 5.6

The Microsoft launcher, the Android interface has evolved from a small project to a mass phenomenon. According to the news, the launcher is supplied regularly with  updates. Currently here are the innovations;

The later renamed to the simple Microsoft Launcher app spread rapidly and gained many followers.  Now the version with the number 5.6 has been released as beta and again there are several useful innovations on board.

Optical And Functional Innovations

Currently the adaptive icons in the changelog are mentioned again. If you find that familiar from Launcher version 5.5, you should not be surprised, because the support of uniform icon shapes was actually planned for the version released for the first time in mid-May, but was not finalized. Now it should work  definitely.

Completely new, however, is the improved support for Microsoft teams. Meetings can now be joined via the feed calendar. Mails that have a flag (Microsoft account or work / school accounts) are now displayed in the task card, which is also a useful fine-tuning.

Finally, the settings of the Microsoft launcher have been revised or optimized, the provider wants you to find what you are looking for or want to discover.

The absolute highlight in the current version 5 is the integration of the Cortana version. If you are missing language packs, they will be downloaded immediately and Cortana is ready for use.

As before, the feed page is the central element of the Microsoft Launcher. Once you have downloaded and started the launcher, you only have to swipe left once to view this page.

Above All, The Timeline Element Offers Many Possibilities

If you are logged in to the launcher with your Microsoft account, your PC and smartphone activities will be synchronized with each other. For example, if you’re using Edge on the PC, your page views will now appear on your Android device. This feature is ideal if you use Office apps on your smartphone, because the documents that were recently opened are also synchronized and can be further processed in this way on the go.

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