Huawei Wants Its Own Operating System

The Chinese Huawei Group wants under the massive pressure of US sanctions to have its own operating system by the next spring at the latest ready. The software will run on smartphones, computers and tablets, but also on televisions, in cars and portable devices. In addition, it will be compatible with Android apps, announced the head of Huawei consumer division.

The Chinese Huawei Group wants to quickly complete its own operating system after the US sanctions. As a date for the start called a Huawei manager spring 2020 at the latest or perhaps in the fall of this year. The US had banned some of Huawei’s business, and Google had announced that it would restrict Huawei’s access to the Android operating system.

It Is Possible That The Software Will Be Ready In The Fall

According to this, the currently second largest smartphone manufacturer since 2012 working on the development of its own operating system. Since it is known that the US government wants to massively restrict the business of US companies such as Google with the Chinese group, the project has, however, gained much urgency.

The Period

For users of Huawei smartphones, the 90-day period means, among other things, that Google will continue to supply its phones with updates and apps in the next three months. However, the easing does not apply to the use of US technology in new products. The US has put Huawei on a blacklist of companies whose business relationships with US partners are subject to strict controls. Anyone who wants to sell or transfer US technology to Huawei has to acquire a license.

However, this can be denied if security concerns are touched. Huawei is suspected by US authorities of using its entrepreneurial activity to espionage for China. Evidence has not yet been made public. The US is also pushing other western countries, such as Germany, to keep Huawei off the nets for the future superfast 5G cellular standard. Huawei always rejected the US allegations.

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