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Advances In 3D Printed Ears

Children who are born with a deformation of the ear can hope. A technique developed by researchers from Queensland University in Australia could help to print ear prostheses in 3D. The reasons for this are obvious: a high degree of precision, smooth and perfectly matched shapes as well as a wide range of colors. In […]

The Message Service Of Google Is To Receive Soon RSC Function

Rich Communication Services should replace SMS as the default for mobile messages. But for a long time, the technology was only a niche existence. Some mobile service providers have developed apps for RCS communication, such as Telekom Message. But these have now been discontinued. One of the reasons for this was that so far a […]

Artificial Intelligence For Supermarket Shopping

Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the familiar shopping experience – making it more personal and efficient. From Sephora to other markets: We showcase retail applications that use artificial intelligence to help their customers make purchases. Apps are one of the most important interfaces between brands, retailers and their potential customers. Here artificial […]

Top AMD Graphics Card For Lower Price

As soon as AMD’s new Navi graphics cards are on the market, the prices of Vega cards are descent. Two particularly powerful custom models of the Radeon RX Vega 64 are currently available at real top prices at Mindfactory. We clarify for whom the offers are really worthwhile. AMD Radeon RX Vega 64: For Whom […]

Underwater Are Technology For An Immerse Experience

Ruins of ancient cities, monuments of lost civilizations can be resurrected thanks to new augmented reality technologies. Let’s get to the bottom of it. Thanks to this system, divers can determine their position underwater. Normally this is not possible because GPS signals do not work underwater. Safely stowed in a waterproof case, the tablet receives […]

The Polar OH1 Is Flexible And Useful

Polar, the specialist in the field of heart rate measurement, and sports wearables present the new Polar OH1. The versatile pulse sensor can be worn on the lower or upper arm, records with the integrated memory up to 200 hours of training and offers a battery life of up to twelve hours. The Advantages According […]