3 Good Drone Models To Get A New Perspective On The Market

Drones with cameras give you a whole new perspective on the world that surrounds you. So that you do not lose track of the offers on the ever-growing drone market, we give you in this drone comparison a buying guide so that you will always find the optimal quadrocopter for your needs.

DJI Mavic Pro

The first quadrocopter, which we are taking a close look at in the big drone comparison is the Mavic Pro of the Chinese company DJI , which specializes in the production of quadcopter and especially in the advanced range our comparison clearly dominated. If you want a high-quality drone for hobby use, you just cannot get past DJI at the moment. The Mavic Pro drone is pretty light for its size, weighing just over 700g, yet still powerful with its 24 high-performance processors.

Parrot Bebop 2

In addition to DJI, the French company Parrot is one of the pioneers in terms of drones and quadcopter and is also represented in the big drone comparison with the Bebop 2 FPV drone. The Bebop 2 drone is very sturdy and compact and one of the few recreational drones that weighs less than 500g and yet is very reliable. Of the technical data that must always be visible for each product, especially the maximum flight time of 25 minutes is worth mentioning, which is definitely not self-evident for a model in this somewhat cheaper price range.

UPair One Drone

UPair One Quadrocopter drone with camera, which visually looks very similar to the Phantom 3 series from DJI. It even goes so far that the propellers of the UPair fit on DJI drones. But back to UPair One: No registration or app download is needed to get the drone up and running, which is a clear advantage over the DJI models. The connection between the remote control and the drone is made automatically, which ensures that the quadrocopter is stable in the air after a short time.

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