In Google Camera 6.3, You Can Now Access The Night View Mode Much Faster

Google has released a new version of the Google Camera app. In version 6.3, Google has now moved the night vision mode directly to the main interface of the app. Instead of “Panorama”, you can now access one of the best camera features of pixel phones much faster after launching the app, because night vision is no longer hidden in the “More” tab. However, the camera app will continue to suggest using this mode if the scenes are too dark for the standard modes. In the new version 6.3 you will find the night vision mode for low light conditions now only a tap or two swipes removed to the right after you have launched the app.

Notes On Mcfly Mode

The next big change is the elimination of color temperature control. Since most users have maintained the automatic white balance in the past, probably only a few professionals would be bothered. As Google has already reported, the code in this app version has also found clues to a new camera mode called “McFly.” It could be between the obvious back to the future reference and the mentions of “rewind.” A mode that can record video intended for reverse playback. The “McFly” mode is most likely just a code, but not a final name.

Google Camera 6.3 Download

Where do you get this new version of the app from? The Playstore Google Camera 6.3 will probably be available in the next few weeks and will also be delivered with Android 10 Q (beta). If you do not want to wait that long, you can download the 160 MB APK and manually install it on an Android 10 Q (Beta) system.

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