Underwater Are Technology For An Immerse Experience

Ruins of ancient cities, monuments of lost civilizations can be resurrected thanks to new augmented reality technologies. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Thanks to this system, divers can determine their position underwater. Normally this is not possible because GPS signals do not work underwater.

Safely stowed in a waterproof case, the tablet receives acoustic signals from cylindrical underwater transmitters. These are received by an app, it determines the position on the map and guides the diver to interesting places – like this mosaic floor of a Roman villa.

Research Project Resurrects Ancient Villas

The app, which was developed as part of the European research project , creates a 3D villa on the screen. In this way, the diver can explore the ancient ruins.

3D Technology Provides Immersive Experience

In the archaeological museum we can try out this 3D technology on dry land. A stereo headset puts the visitor in a virtual world. Now it is possible to admire the villas in their past beauty or switch to the present and take a virtual dive without getting wet. Soon, this technology will also be available in museums, schools or at home.

Efficient Teaching Through VR Technologies

Not only does VR technology make the historical legacy known, it also provides researchers with a professional simult gate that demonstrates suitable excavation techniques at archaeological underwater sites.

Not only does this technology want to inform the public, but also to create a tool for future archaeologists and museum curators to help them learn faster, easier and in a controlled environment. It would be very difficult to take someone directly to an underwater site. This makes the training very efficient.

While diving you can admire the once luxurious villas. To make your dive even more exciting, you can bring your tablet in the near future.

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