The Polar OH1 Is Flexible And Useful

Polar, the specialist in the field of heart rate measurement, and sports wearables present the new Polar OH1. The versatile pulse sensor can be worn on the lower or upper arm, records with the integrated memory up to 200 hours of training and offers a battery life of up to twelve hours.

The Advantages According To The Manufacturer


The OH1 is equipped with Polar’s patented solution for precise optical pulse measurement. 


For those who do not want to or cannot wear a chest strap or product on the wrist, the Polar OH1 offers the possibility of measuring the pulse on the lower or upper arm. 


The OH1 can be used as a pulse sensor and send the pulse in real time to compatible Polar and Bluetooth devices. Also to the Polar Beat App or third-party fitness apps.

The Free Fitness And Training App From Polar 

the user receives pulse data in real time and smart training instructions. The training sessions can also be transferred and viewed in the polar flow app.

Polar OH1 offers a promising alternative to heart rate monitoring with a chest strap or wrist. We know that comfort and accuracy are the driving forces behind high performance; both of which were critical to the development of OH1 .Whether in the gym or outdoors, it does not matter which sport you do, the OH1 is reliable and delivers accurate and stable data in a remarkably comfortable form.

As Polar announces this year an update, it ensures that the OH1 now controls not only Bluetooth but also ANT +. Thus, one can simultaneously transfer his heart rate in real time to various devices. In addition, there is a new sales package, which also includes a mounting clamp for swimming goggles. While swimming, you attach the Polar OH1 with the clamp on the goggles and can measure his heart rate on the temple. In addition, the OH1 can now also be used with the Polar Beat Mobile App.

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