TV Test – 4K And UHD Resolution

TVs are in a growing phase. Image sizes are particularly in demand by 1.50 meters: The popular 55-inch models are a good 1.20 meters wide, the screen diagonal is 140 centimeters.  And best of all, the TV giants are now even affordable. Already for 500 euros there are commendable models. The test explains what you can expect for your money. You will also learn what abbreviations such as 4K and UHD are all about and which other technology trends will bring a boost in quality.

The Meaning Of 4K And UHD Resolution

The 4K stands for nearly 4,000 pixels in width. Synonymous with UHD resolution. But wait a minute? Has not HDTV just become so prevalent on television? What are 4K and UHD now – do I need that? Clear answer: Yes, for large TVs from 140 centimeters is now mandatory! The most trivial, but most important reason: there are practically no good big televisions with less pixels, Full HD is a discontinued model. In addition, compared to previous TVs significantly smaller pixels allow shorter distances between TV and viewers. Where else would have disturbed the pixel grid like a fly screen on the picture, UHD television show a clearer picture even with HD programs.

Some TV Models That Passed The Test

The Sony XG8505, for example, has about twice the maximum brightness compared to cheaper televisions, and also liked the test with crisp yet natural colors. Plus, it’s well-equipped with Android and USB recording capability. With an even better feature list scores the Panasonic GXW804. The streams, for example, the TV program on tablets and smartphones, even in stand-by.

Between well-established brands such as Samsung and Panasonic, less well-known companies with particularly attractive prices also appear on cheap UHD televisions. So are UHD television with the mentioned 140 centimeters screen diagonal already from 400 euros available. However, these require compromises: While they are consistently also smart TVs, many offer, for example, no app for Amazon Prime Video. In contrast, a Netflix app including 4K is available for almost every smart UHD TV. Also, the image quality does not reach the level of more expensive models with less natural colors and jerky movements. Significantly more interesting, however, is the 700-euro price range. There is the image quality at a higher level, equipment and operation are more practical. A good example of this is the Samsung UE55NU7179. Since only experienced spectators see the difference to more expensive devices, operability and features leave nothing to be desired. A headphone jack is missing as well as Bluetooth and a USB recording function. All this offers the only slightly more expensive Panasonic TX-55FXW654.

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