A new way to control your computer 

A new way to control the computer with your eyes…

EasyGaze is a cutting-edge technology that puts you in control of your device by using your eyes.

EasyGaze helps us to control and interact via new way.

EasyGaze provides a new technology to speak and communicate.

EyeGaze has a custom platform to eye control that is a special portal. There are customised apps. for eye control. such as; browser, youtube, TV, radio, games etc…Also it has voice command specs. for instance disabled person.

We can measure user’s concentrate and interest while they are using the eye control solutions.

Laptop, Microsoft tablet or desktop computer equipped with an eye tracker. This makes it possible for users to interact with e.g. computers using their eyes.

The eye tracker – which consists of sensors (camera + projectors) and algorithms. The custom-designed sensors are the hardware designed to be a high performance sensor consisting of custom components and custom eye control software platform.