Why Does The Battery Of iPhone Sometimes Only Charge Up To 80 Percent?

Many iPhone users find that the battery does not charge more than 80 percent. It’s not a bug, but it’s not the upcoming optimized load feature yet.

As a result, several users have reported, which already observe a similar behavior in their devices. In fact, their battery status graphics also indicate that charging has stopped at exactly 80 percent. Has Apple introduced the function so perhaps already with iOS 12.3.1? No, this is really a feature and no mistake. But the cause is much more banal.

Too Much Heat

Since Apple limits the intended operating temperature to a range between 0 and 35 degrees, this can be the case quite quickly with the current outside temperatures, as a battery basically always warms up when charging. The effect is particularly strong during fast loading or even in the range above 80 percent. If the temperature drops back to normal, the iPhone will recharge the battery up to 100 percent.

Because the iPhone heats up in the navigation mode, you have to expect the warning temperature: The iPhone has to cool down when the weather is very hot and the screen shuts off until the vehicle reaches a waymark where the display needs orientation becomes.

Optimized Loading Is No Apple Invention

The upcoming function “Optimized charging of the battery “ has only indirectly something to do with the temperature. When enabled in Settings, the iPhone remembers when to get up and keeps the battery charge at 80 percent. Just before waking up, the battery is then charged to 100 percent. Thus, the device avoids recharging in the range beyond the 80-percent mark, which puts extra strain on the battery and thus age faster.

Incidentally, the function has not invented Apple, among other things, the Sony’s battery care has been around for some time.

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