Easy, Fast and Flexible…

Easydesk is an online based software system that we create badges needed registration for the participants before/during event, besides it can be created badges with barcode depending on requirements.

You can transfer participation data that you generated before event into our database.

You can search a participant which is pre-registered to database easily and fast and create a new registration or make alternations on current registrations.

We create menus updatable completely depending on event requirements.

We provide a utilization opportunity with user friendly interface, which we can build a unique brand specific to event.

We present you integrated modular solutions that participants coming with e-invitation can take their badges fast.

We can create an QRcode on badge specific to event, therefore participants can access to the digital program that you requested for the event and intro/ad video or the website of the event.

User friendly interface

Customizable menus

Fast database access & research

The compatibility of thermal, offset and plastic badges

Barcode, QRCode and RFID options