Professional Online Registration System for Events…

Participants can make their payments and registration via Online Registration Portal which is developed specific to your event. Essential updates & customizations are conducted on your organizational requirements, as interface operates actively, in this period, system updates such as session selection, gala participation, etc.

We create custom forms that you need for congresses, fairs, seminars, institutional meetings, festivals and all other events.

Target participant groups and members are informed via mailing and sent registration link or website info before event.

A confirmation mail is sent to the participant completed his/her registration. In the confirmation mail, a registration code, a barcode or a squire code that enables faster access to event, is created and reinformed via e-mail or SMS subsequently.

EASYRegistration (Online Event Registration Portal) operates full-compatible with our other field solutions such as EASYReader, EASYdesk, EASYgate, EASYrfid.

Custom designs and contents

Registration options as paid or free of charge

Full integration with field modules

Informing participants for registration confirmation via e-mail or SMS