With OCULUS GO, experience the world of VR with more freedom

Use the best equipment to give your guests a wonderful VR experience. Come on, hurry up, meet our rental services of Oculus Go.

Oculus Go is one of the most exciting VR options with its impressive experience list that is dedicated to system and more certain about its future.  Contact us now and rent an Oculus Go to experience virtual reality at the highest level with more freedom.

Oculus Go offers a new virtual reality experience without the need for any cables or additional hardware. Just like Rift, Oculus Go allows to you to explore virtual environments with its 360° video and VR gaming options and provides new social applications to connect others while experiencing VR.  Also, it goes to the next level with its super light design and headphone straps, made of breathable fabric, in its headphone-microphone set not seen in any other products used until today.

Oculus Go has been developed focusing completely the comfort and mobility and these features makes it the perfect activity for events. Oculus Go offers an impressive and flexible VR experience for your guests.

You’ll find a pair of special VR lenses inside the headset allowing extremely high-quality videos. You’ll also benefit from a wide field of view that allows you to enter all virtual environments. Since it includes a high resolution 2560 x 1440 display which makes your VR experience always crystal clear, you’ll never have to worry with Oculus Go.

Popular Usage Areas

Trade Fairs / Conferences

Product Demos

Music Festivals

Holiday Parties

Community Activities

Employee Appreciation Events

Film Festivals

PR Tours

The Benefits of Oculus Go

Completely wireless experience features mean easier installation

High quality display allows you to see every detail

High pi power enables you to experience VR wherever and whenever you want

You become a part of the event and interaction with the included remote controls

Ergonomically designed headset allows your participants to have fun and comfortable time