iOS 13 Innovations And Many More Features To Exploit The Potential

The innovations for iOS 13 were a big topic at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple separates now strictly between iOS for the iPhone and iPad, in addition to a dark mode you can look forward to completely revised apps and many more features.

In addition to many new and helpful features for the new operating system for iPhone and iPad stands out above all a fact at this year’s conference: For the first time in the company’s history, Apple separates the iPhone and iPad and donated both devices their own OS version. Over an hour, Apple took time for iOS and iPadOS to present all the innovations.

The Dark Mode

The desire for a dark mode in iOS has been more and more present in the Apple community in the recent past . Finally Apple fulfills this wish. Although Apple was not too keen on the new feature: What we can take from the keynote, is that there will be new wallpapers, on which the dark fashion comes to its best advantage. Even in the apps themselves, the dark fashion provides a nice visual change.

Extensions For iMessages 

The ubiquitous messaging app gets an upgrade that allows users to choose a name and image and choose who can see what info. The emojis also get a big update. Now users can create their own digital version of themselves with even more details. Especially women can look forward to the update, because here you can try all imaginable hairstyles and make-up wishes.

The iPad Gets Its Own OS

All the new features that appear on iOS 13 will also come on the iPad. Apple  separates for the first time the iOS for iPhone and iPad. With iPadOS, the iPad gets a new gesture control and a partially new interface. For example, if you wipe the home screen to the right, a mixture of homescreen and widgets will appear on the screen. In addition, users expect new multitasking capabilities, not just with system apps, but also with third-party apps.

New Homepod Function

The homepod has a lot of problems, but above all, it treats each voice as if it were the user who sets it up and ties it to its Apple ID. For a device that is intended for use at home, this is a frightening defect and, frankly, a security and privacy problem. Apple is not yet tackling this problem instead the voice will sound more natural with a Siri update. In addition, you can now put the iPhone near the HomePod, so that it automatically takes over the music played on the iPhone. If you remove the iPhone again, the music will play again on the iPhone.

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